Combating Restraining Order Petitions

Other Defenses Received as a result of a Restraining Order.In addition to the restriction on contacting the supposed victim, the limiting order may supply additional securities. It may advise the supposed abuser to surrender any guns or ammunition. Furthermore, it might buy the alleged abuser to leave a residence he or she shares with the victim of michigan medicaid fraud. There may be momentary orders made in the limiting order that issue family law matters.


This may consist of granting short-term custody to the victim, ordering no contact with the couple’s children, buying just supervised visitation with the children, buying not being watched visitation with the children, buying spousal assistance and ordering child support.

Limiting Orders Based on False Allegations.

It is not uncommon for a restraining order to be requested based upon totally fabricated information. An allegation may be totally dreamed up. In other circumstances, a supposed victim might exaggerate occasions, transforming a spoken argument into an allegation of physical abuse. In still other circumstances, the alleged victim might have been the aggressor and may seek the limiting order so that the supposed abuser will not do the very same. In these cases, incorrect accusations are typically a method to attempt to control and control a scenario.


Needs to Make False Allegations.

Due to the prospective benefits that a limiting order can provide, some people are lured to make incorrect claims. If an individual is having a problem with a roomie and wishes to kick them out of the shared home, a limiting order can often accomplish this objective.

If a spouse wants a divorce and wants to maintain control of the marital house and property, a limiting order might have the ability to assist with this desire. A restraining order can even be abused to help one partner end up with sole custody of the children, a minimum of for a limited time period. In this way, a limiting order can result in restricting contact with a person’s spouse, children and home.